Slow/Hyper motion cameras

High-tech systems producing high-speed images for accurate, detailed replays

Founded in 1997 to meet the needs of a developing market for the filming of sporting events, Digital Video Sud is the only company in Europe to offer a highly specialised service for slow motion systems and “high speed” cameras for live TV.

Our operating concept includes: digital slow motion systems, Super-slow-motion and “SuperLoupe” hi-speed cameras, slow motion dedicated fully-equipped OB-Vans, slow-motion operators and experienced on-field certified technicians.

Digital Vidéo Sud is a leader in this high technology field, and is recognised for its unrivalled reliability. The company has been able to establish itself thanks to the continued presence of its experts during large sporting events, such as the football World Cups and the Olympic Games.

In May 2004, Digital Vidéo Sud invented the “SuperLoupe” patent technology : a revolutionary slow motion camera system which can record 500 images/second (instead of 25).

DVS provides on-site 24/7 support for super-slow mo, hi-speed cameras and EVS disk controllers. DVS crews are used to work in the high-pressure world of on-site televised events, especially live sports, where on broadcasters work in a zero-defect atmosphere : unexpected equipment failure.


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