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Light and Energy

Euro Media France stocks all the hardware necessary for major audio visual productions

Our lighting department offers modern and traditional lamps and special illumination effects, with all the supports, rigging equipment, power, cabling and accessories needed for a successful production.

Traditional luminares

300W to 10 kW Fresnels, PC, Zooms, Cycloids, Soft Lights, Effect Lighting, 16 to 64 Black and Aluminium Par Lights, ACL, Solo and Quadri Fluorescents, Blondes, Redheads, Globes, Low Voltage, 575 to 2500W Follow Spots.

Moving lights and special effects

Moving special effects heads and 150 to 1,200W washlights, 300 to 1,200W scanners, colour mixing with LEDS and colour changers, 6" to 15" gel roll colour changers, smoke machines, fog machines, dry ice, fans, strobes, tubular washlights, mirror balls.


Power packages: 6 and 24 x 2 kW, 12 and 24 x 3kW, 3, 6 and 12 x 5kW, 3 x 10kW.


ETC Insight 3, Strand 520i, Arri Focus, Lightcommander, Scancommander, Grand MA, demultiplexors, splitters, recorders.

Rigging and hoisting

200, 300 and 400 series triangular and square trusses, 2 to 20 m (6.5 ft to 65.5 ft) truss circles, 500 series triangular and rectangular trusses and 1to 6-way corner blocks, manual and electric hoists (125 kg to 1 tonne), 1-24 channel motor controllers, hi-towers, platform towers, risers.

Power and cables

32 amp mono to 630 amp 3-way cabinets, circuit breakers, 16 amp to 125 amp single phase and 3 phase cables, 4 x 50 sq mm (0.8 sq in) to 4 x 95 sq mm (1.5 sq in) flared cables, 150 sq mm (2.3 sq in) single strand, multicore, Socapex boxes and adaptors.


Light stand arms, stands of all sizes, clamps, scrim frames, flags, swivel clamps.


Complete range of filters, all tapes, lamps, sprays, black wrap, clamps.

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