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Graphics/virtual images

Enhancing programmes through visual technology

Graphics showing captions, statistical information, scores and text updates on a news event are now as much a part of today’s media as the pictures and sound. Through its Symah Vision subsidiary Euro Media France offers real-time virtual imaging and graphics presentation technology that not only provides information for viewers but enhances the overall viewing experience.

Symah Vision was founded in 1992 to design eye-catching graphics for companies sponsoring television programmes.

The key to this work is creating images that promote the sponsor’s brand without detracting from the programme itself. Symah Vision’s success in this market soon led to expansion into the design of graphics for sports and special events broadcasting.

Statistics, team badges and colours, scores, virtual analysis of the action, team lists and player information are integral to any major sports broadcast and this is just one example of where Symah Vision’s innovation and creativity has made it a leader in graphics design.

Symah Vision’s clients include the broadcasters and producers of major sporting and special events round the world. We work closely with the client to achieve the best possible editorial content and deliver more information and enjoyment to the viewer.

This work has been recognised by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in New York, which awarded Symah Vision an Emmy Award.

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