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Set Design

From individual props to full sets, Euro Media France’s set design departments have the reputation for being able to create any item or environment, all within deadline and budget.

For small or large scale productions our design teams use the right materials for the job and are ready to take on any challenge thrown at them.

Euro Media France’s workshops and production facilities are at your disposal, offering a range of skills, including joinery, sculpting, paint work, blacksmithing and ironmongery. We also have an extensive collection of decorative items, furniture, tapestries, fabrics and accessories, all stored in several thousand square meters of space and ready for any shoot.

Our set design departments offer you:

• A joinery workshop
• A tapestry workshop
• A locksmithing and metalworking workshop
• A decorating workshop
• A staff, sculpture and thermoforming workshop
• Adjoining areas which may be rented on a tailored basis
• Equipped editing areas
• A digital printing service
• Accessory services, decoration items and furniture
• A supply store

1500 m² external set at Bry-sur-Marne:


The external set is built on a 1,500 m² site. It may be transformed and enlarged, representing a street of the Marais with buildings, a square, a bistro and shops.

>> Contact : decoration@euromedia-france.com