Didier Diaz, Président
Pascal Bécu, Vice-chairman
Franck Graumann, Director

Transpamedia :

3-5 rue de l'industrie
92230 Gennevilliers
Tel: +33(0)1 47 99 03 33
Fax : +33 (0)1 47 98 59 53

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Transpamedia, a subsidiary of Euro Media France

Transpamedia is Bringing together the major French providers of services for the cinema and feature film production.



Transpacam (Tatou, Bogard) has become the leading player in the HD camera rental market and is consolidating its position in the 16/35mm camera market.

 >> Contact : info@transpacam.com


Transpalux has maintained its name and 8 branches in France to continue its regional work in lighting and systems equipment. With years of experience, Transpamedia is also able to offer a complete range of cinematographic services tailored to the needs of its clients.

>> Contact : transpalux@transpalux.com  



Transpagrip (formerly Car Grip Films) has a long history of providing cameras, booms and dollies and also has a large pool of technical vehicles.

>> Contact : info@transpagrip.com


Transpastudios (Studios de Bry, Studios d’Arpajon, Studios Riviera, Transpasets – Studios de St-Ouen) offers sound stages equipped for feature film production and offers supporting services including post-production, decoration workshops, accessory services and rental of storage space).

>> Contact : plateaux@transpamedia.com

Phone : + 33 (0) 1 49 83 44 17


Accessory Services, items and furniture :

• A joinery workshop
• A tapestry workshop
• A locksmithing and metalworking workshop
• A decorating workshop
• A staff, sculpture and thermoforming workshop
• Adjoining areas which may be rented on a tailored basis
• Equipped editing areas
• A digital printing service
• Accessory services, decoration items and furniture
• A supply store

>> Contact : decoration@transpamedia.com
Tel : + 33 (0) 1 49 83 40 75 / + 33 (0) 1 49 8 3 40 72

 Post-production :

• Montage AVID and FINAL CUT
• Conformation - étalonnage PABLO QUANTEL
• Credits and visual effects 
• Montage son PRO-TOOLS
• Audis d'enregistrement et de mixage
• Duplication - encodage - PAD

>> Contact : post-production@transpamedia.com


Fiction/Co-production :

>> Contact : fiction@transpamedia.com


• Rental of SD and HD equipment in all formats for documentaries and feature films.

• Rental of EFP stage cameras and long lens optical cameras. 

• Rental of SD and HD video recorders in all formats and top of the range HD monitors. 

• Rental of a wide range of systems for shooting, including dollies and booms. 

• Rental of generators (from 45kW to 300kW), complete range of HMI daylight lamps with electronic ballast, tungsten and studio lights, lighting control, dimmers, spots, electrical distribution.

• fleet of over 100 vehicles for transporting equipment.

• Studios de Bry, Studios d’Arpajon, Studios Riviera, Studios Transpasets - rental of shooting stages.

Clients :

Service Providers,